Windows virtual machine

This section describes the method for setting up the windows virtual machine for development.

  1. Download test virtual machine from Microsoft, or install licensed OS

  2. Set device to 16 GiB memory and 2 CPUs

  3. Log in; increase display size

  4. Run windows update and reboot

  5. Install windows bash

    1. Settings -> Update & Security -> For developers -> Developer Mode

    2. Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows Features On and Off -> Windows Subsystem for Linux

    3. Reboot

    4. Visit to install

    5. Edit /etc/passwd, change home directory to /mnt/c/Users/IEUser or whatever

    6. Edit /etc/wsl.conf and add the following:

      options = case=off


    7. Update packages with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

  6. Connect shared folder (Samba method)

    1. On linux host, add vb-share to samba exports

    2. On windows:

      net use x: \\sherbert\vb-share /user:gcs6
    3. Then on wsl command prompt:

      sudo mount -t drvfs x: /mnt/x
  7. Several of the “exe” programs cannot be run from the shared drive. You need to copy them onto the local drive (Desktop) before running.

  8. Enable .net 3.5.1 in control panel (needed by WiX)

    1. Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows Features On and Off -> .NET Framework 3.5 (includes…)