Dose calculation command file reference

The dose calculation command file uses the “ini file” format.


There are five allowed sections. Each section

Section Description
[COMMENT] Settings within a COMMENT section are ignored.
[PLAN] Describes global settings for the plan. There is only a single PLAN section.
[BEAM] Describes a single beam within a plan. There can be multiple BEAM sections.
[PEAK] Describes a single energy or set of energies. There can be multiple PEAK sections.

PLAN options

The PLAN section has the following parameters

Option Description
patient Filename of CT image used for planning
target Filename of target volume image used for automatic generation of conformal plans
threading Not used
dose_out Output filename of composite dose
debug ?
dose_prescription ?
ref_dose_point 3D coordinates of weight point
non_normalized_dose ?

BEAM options

The BEAM section has the following parameters

Option Description
flavor ?
beam_line ?
homo_approx ?
ray_step ?
aperture_out ?
proj_dose_out ?
proj_img_out ?
rc_out ?
particle_number_out ?
sigma_out ?
wed_out ?
beam_dump_out Specify the directory where beam-specific debugging information gets saved.
beam_type ?
beam_weight ?
depth_dose_z_max ?
depth_dose_z_res ?
source ?
isocenter ?
prescription_min_max ?
aperture_up ?
aperture_offset ?
aperture_origin ?
aperture_resolution ?
aperture_spacing ?
range_comp_mc_model ?
source_size ?
aperture_file_in ?
range_compensator_file_in ?
particle_number_in ?
aperture_smearing ?
proximal_margin ?
distal_margin ?
energy_resolution ?
energy_x ?

PEAK options

The PEAK section has the following parameters

Option Description
energy ?
spread ?
weight ?
bragg_curve ?