User manual for plastimatch windows binary

1. Download a plastimatch window binary file

2. Run the downloaded “plastimatch-O.O.O-winOO.msi” file

  • During the installation, specify the installation directory. Default directory may be “C:/Program Files/~”. To avoid any access permission issue, a user-created folder is recommended.

3. Prepare the command line prompt

  • Browse the plastimatch “bin” folder where all the binary files are installed.
  • Right mouse click at the “launch_cmd_prompt.bat” file and do “Run as administrator”.
  • The plastimatch command prompt will be generated both on your desktop and the plastimatch bin folder.

4. Run a sample deformable image registration using a command line

  • Run the command prompt just created.

  • Type the following command line (OR copy the following line and paste it onto the command prompt using “mouse-right-click and paste”):

    plastimatch register "./sample/command_file_example.txt"
  • A deformable registration will be performed between sample CT and MRI images and the result will be saved in ”~/bin/sample” folder.

5. [Optional] Review images using an image viewer.

  • Since there is no image viewer available inside the plastimatch, users are recommended to use third-party software to see the images generated from plastimatch such as ”.nrrd” and “.mha” files.

  • Recommended software: 3DSlicer
  • Install the 3Dslicer

  • View image files using 3Dslicer
    • Drag&Drop the image files onto the 3Dslicer (available in up-to-date version)
    • Select images for overlay and review them by using the overlay slide bar.
_images/windows_installation_6.png _images/windows_installation_7.png

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